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Our Service Agreement is a testament to our dedication. It meticulously outlines our tasks and the results we pledge to achieve for our clients. Any deviation, and we ensure a full refund - no trickery, no diversions. We're committed to acting in the best interests of our clientele.

Attuned to our clients' needs, we devise personalized strategies to achieve their objectives. Throughout this process, we keep clients informed of the progression of their case. We guarantee 100% cancellation of your timeshare contract with nearly all developers, putting an end to bothersome calls, debt collections, foreclosures, charge-offs, and more. We offer timeshare cancellation across all states, with guaranteed results. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to explore your options, our guarantee, and strategy.

Recovery Department

Our team aids those who have fallen prey to timeshare resale/rental or exit scams, ensuring they receive 100% refunds from the involved companies, entirely free of charge.

What Our
Clients Say

We believe in transparency and strive to exceed our clients' expectations. Discover what our clients have to say about our services!

I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about a lot of things, but my own attempts to divest myself of my timeshare was frustrating at best. So, I decided to contact Alpha, I turned over the reins to them and they did it all. Even when my particular resort tried to pull a fast one on me, my Alpha representative kept me confident and guided me through to the end. I could not be more pleased!

I was skeptical about using Alpha to get rid of our time shares. Now I think it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was determined not to leave the obligations to our children after we had passed and now we have achieved that peace of mind. Alpha Timeshare Consultants told us upfront how much it would cost and any possible additional charges from the resorts and they lived up to all of their promises.

Excellent company! We couldn't be more pleased with how professionally everything was handled. From the beginning, we were offered helpful suggestions, used no high pressure tactics, and was very upfront, offering a one-time fee with a money back guarantee with a smooth process right until we had our release papers in hand! They were a pleasure to work with!

We were very happy with the representation we got with our timeshare cancellation experience. Their hard work got us out of debt and protected our credit. We were kept informed during every step of the process. Our timeshare concerns were addressed in a timely fashion. Kudos!

Alpha Timeshare Consultants identified my problem, (I bought a timeshare from a shady company), then they proceeded to extract me from said timeshare. They fulfilled all of their promises to me. They showed integrity, patience, and diligence. Now, because of them I am timeshare free. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to get out of a timeshare.

What Do We

At Alpha Timeshare Consultants, we embody a commitment to client empowerment, integrity, and transparency. We champion the cause of ethical timeshare cancellation, guiding our clients towards financial liberation while maintaining an unwavering adherence to professional standards.
Your dedicated cancellation consultant will construct your file and assist in securing approval for a guaranteed cancellation. We meticulously review your situation and devise a strategy to ensure your timeshare exit.
Upon reviewing your case, Alpha initiates the cancellation process, charting a course based on your strategy. You'll be privy to regular progress updates until we successfully terminate your timeshare contract.
Complete our form to request further information! A representative will promptly contact you to learn more about your timeshare and initiate our qualification process. We work tirelessly to guarantee results.
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100% Absolute Credit Monitoring
and Protection

Our seasoned specialists offer superior guidance, meticulously crafting the most efficient strategy to dismantle your timeshare contract, while ensuring utmost credit monitoring and protection.

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