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Timeshare Cancellation Made Easy in 3 Steps
First, we need to find out what's going on. Our cancellation consultant will work with you to gather pertinent details from your timeshare documentation and compile a comprehensive account of your experiences with the timeshare developer.
Free Consultation
Our representatives will collaborate with you to ensure a thorough understanding of the facts and the cancellation process. If eligible, your consultant will delineate your cancellation options.
Timeshare Cancellation
With your tailored exit strategy, we prioritize your interests and deliver results backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Say goodbye to maintenance fees, mortgages, and headaches. Embrace liberation from your timeshare regrets.

How Much
Does it cost?

Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you legally cancel your timeshare contracts. We understand that every situation is different and therefore each case requires an individualized approach.
If you would like to know more about our services, Give us a call and speak to an Alpha Timeshare expert consultant today.

Here are some common questions our clients have regarding timeshare cancellation. If you have any other questions please contact us Today and find out how we can FREE you from the costly obligation of your timeshare contract.
How can ALPHA free me from my timeshare contract?

As consumer champions, we negotiate to release you from your timeshare contract. We don’t buy, sell, or rent timeshares – we guide you to break free from your contract forever.

Will I be permanently removed from the timeshare?

Absolutely! You will be permanently free from your timeshare. Guaranteed!

Do I need to qualify to use Alpha Timeshare Consultants, Inc's services?

We aim to help everyone, but there are exceptions. The best way to find out if we can assist you is by calling our Timeshare Cancellation experts at (877) 848 3948. They’ll assess your situation and suggest the best options for you.

Can I use your service if I still owe on my timeshare mortgage?

Definitely! ATC has solutions and options to guide you out of your timeshare. Let’s review your documents to determine how we can assist.

How long does the cancellation process usually take?

Typically, it’s less than 12 months, but it depends on your situation. If your timeshare is paid off, it might only take 5-9 months. If you have a mortgage or overdue maintenance fee, it could take longer.

Is Alpha Timeshare Consultants, Inc a listing or resale company?

No, Alpha Timeshare Consultants, Inc is not a listing or resale company.

Will my credit score be affected if I stop payments to the resort?

We work tirelessly to help protect your credit.

Do you charge upfront for your services?

Yes, we do. However, you’ll only pay after reviewing our Cancellation Agreement and understanding our process. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee to all our clients. Contact us to learn more!

What if I have a current reservation with my resort or time banked with an exchange company?

If you’ve already paid for your timeshare week or banked it, enjoy your vacation! We’ll ensure your reservation isn’t disrupted by the cancellation process.

Who are the people ATC helps with timeshare cancellations?

We assist people who:
• Can’t use their timeshare.
• Struggle to sell their timeshare.
• Face increasing Maintenance Fees and Special Assessment Fees.
• Are concerned about their loved ones inheriting their timeshare and its fees.
• Are frustrated with Exchange Companies.
• Are seeking more affordable vacation options.
• Are widowed, divorced, or no longer travel with loved ones.
• Don’t use their timeshare as much as planned.
• Are no longer able to travel.

Can you expedite the process?

Yes, but we may need to charge a “rush” fee. We often work on several projects, and rush projects can impact our schedule and other clients.

Will you agree with everything I say?

Only if you’re always right. We’re here to help you avoid missteps. We’ll challenge your thoughts to ensure you’re prepared for tough questions from investors.

100% Money Back

Our Service Agreement clearly outlines our work and what we must achieve for our clients. If we fall short, you get a full refund. No tricks. No games. Just our promise to do what's right for you.
Monitoring & Protection

100% Absolute Credit Monitoring
and Protection

Our seasoned specialists offer superior guidance, meticulously crafting the most efficient strategy to dismantle your timeshare contract, while ensuring utmost credit monitoring and protection.

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