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Learn how thousands of individuals have successfully navigated the process of timeshare cancellation, unlocking the value of their investment and paving the way to financial freedom.
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Alpha Timeshare Consultants, with over 38 years of expertise, have assembled the most comprehensive solutions to help you exit your timeshare contract. Watch the Timeshare Cancellation Mastery: A Step-By-Step Tutorial, a powerful guide born from nearly four decades of experience by the true experts in the field.

Free Yourself from Timeshare Contracts: Watch the Timeshare Cancellation Mastery
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Benefit from over 38 years of specialized knowledge in timeshare cancellations.
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Follow clear, detailed instructions to navigate the process effortlessly.
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A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Watch The Essential 10-step Tutorial on Timeshare Cancellation

Great Reviews For Our Services

The Alpha Timeshare Consultants Team

The A-team was founded in 1985 immediately making us one of the longest standing and most reputable timeshare cancellation firms in the industry. We’ve been successfully relinquishishing timeshare owners of their financial burdens by using a wide network of timeshare professionals and licensed consultants. Make a decision you can sleep with at night and join a team you can trust.
Great Reviews For Our Services

Our Clients Were Right Where You Are Now

Alpha Timeshare Consultants identified my problem, (I bought a timeshare from a shady company), then they proceeded to extract me from said timeshare. They fulfilled all of their promises to me. They showed integrity, patience, and diligence. Now, because of them I am timeshare free. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to get out of a timeshare.

– Client
I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about a lot of things, but my own attempts to divest myself of my timeshare was frustrating at best. So, I decided to contact Alpha, I turned over the reins to them and they did it all. Even when my particular resort tried to pull a fast one on me, my Alpha representative kept me confident and guided me through to the end. I could not be more pleased!

– Client
I was skeptical about using Alpha to get rid of our time shares. Now I think it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was determined not to leave the obligations to our children after we had passed and now we have achieved that peace of mind. Alpha Timeshare Consultants told us upfront how much it would cost and any possible additional charges from the resorts and they lived up to all of their promises.

– Client
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Monitoring and Protection

Our seasoned specialists offer superior guidance, meticulously crafting the most efficient strategy to dismantle your timeshare contract, while ensuring utmost credit monitoring and protection.

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